Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Elvis In Your House

Wowwee, a robotics company has manufactured a life like figure of Elvis Presley and guess what it can sing on it's own and give facial expressions as well.(real life animation?) Listed Below are the various modes in which Elvis Operates.

Alive (Taking care of business™) mode – Elvis animates autonomously, tracks movement and makes the occasional famous Elvis remark.
-Song mode – Select a song and let Elvis entertain you.
-Monologue mode – Hear about the life and times of Elvis, in his own words.
-Sing through (Share the spotlight) mode – Plug in a microphone (not included) and song cartridge to sing along with Elvis, or turn his vocals down and sing along with the track.

The Company has a host of other products as well which you can check out a their website

Source Wowwee

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