Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Earthrace To Break Speed Record

The Earthrace is a 78 foot wave piercing trimaran(It's got three hulls) which runs on pure Biodiesel.
It's three hulls are designed to go through the waves rather than over them thus improving speed in rough seas.On the 1st of march 2008 Earthrace will attempt to break the world speed record for circumnavigating the globe. The current record is around 74 days set by British boat Cable and Wireless Adventurer in 1998.The Earthrace will try and bag it in 65 days at an average speed of about 25knots (Top speed is 40 knots). And the cost to build this monster, a cool $3 million. If you want to know where you can see the Earthrace or need any technical info just pop in to their website

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