Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cowon A3 Launched

Cowon has launched it's latest portable video player- the A3. At a resolution of 800*400 the picture quality is simply stunning. It also supports a multitude of file formats including Divx 6.0
However the annoying little joystick and lack of DRM - protected WMV and WMA files which were seen in the A2 have been retained in the A3 as well. Also Archos is selling its wifi enabled 160GB player for the same price(399$) as Cowon's 60GB A3. There are very few players that can match the A3's features in terms of picture quality and file format support but when you have a player with nearly 3 times the storage space and wifi as well..............(I'd still take the ultra sexy A3)

Source Cnet

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