Tuesday, December 25, 2007

When Danger Calls - "Gizmo" saves lives

Javier Rodriguez, an engineeering graduate and programmer analyst at UC San Diego's California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology has come up with a device which he says will be used in disaster situations where it is too dangerous for humans to go. The device termed "Gizmo" looks like a cross between a toy truck and a lunar landing vehicle."Gizmo" he says will collect information real time from the disaster site and transmit it to the emergency personnel via their communication device which would in turn help them to be better prepared. He also aspires to build a range of "Gizmos" including one that can fly!. The "Gizmos" would come in both small sizes(to enter a hostage situation without being noticed) as well as in much larger sizes(such as a full--sized truck which would help to muscle in to a disaster situation such as hurricanes, Tornadoes, Whirlwinds etc). And No, I don't think you can use it to find out if your loved one is cheating on you...Then again, maybe you could!

Source sciencedaily

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