Friday, December 21, 2007

Driving And Talking-> Next stop Prison House

Drive and talk on your phone at the same time and guess what could get jailed. And if that sounds bad, listen to won't be spending prison time for a day or two but for two whole years. Yes TWO years! Your mobile phone would probably be outdated by then! In most countries driving and talking would be accompanied by a fine or a warning. Well in the U.K the authorities have gone one step further. Talk or text while you drive and you could well be on your way to the prison house. If motorists or drivers are caught with rash driving they could very well face upto 2 years behind bars with unlimited fines. If this was the same case in India(where I live) the first person who would have to be jailed would be the traffic policeman himself who doesn't even bother to where a helmet let alone talk while driving.

Source InformationWeek

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