Friday, December 28, 2007

USB Key Snoop - Your Teenager's Nightmare

Need to know what sites your teenager has been surfing...., or whether your loved one seems to have has more than one "loved one"....,well with the USB Key Snoop you can do all that and more. The Key Snoop is basically a keylogger device which records upto 128,000 keystrokes on anything that is entered into your keyboard whether its E-mail, Chat, Internet addresses , Entries in search engines etc. For example if you want to know who has been surfing on just key in the password and Key Snoop will show you who's been where. There is no software installation , just plug your USB keyboard into the Key Snoop and the Key Snoop's USB wire into the USB jack on you computer. Thats it, you're now ready to snoop!

Source Crave.Cnet

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