Friday, December 21, 2007

Internet Explorer 8 Due This Summer

Internet Explorer users can expect to have the latest version(Internet Explorer 8) sometime around March next year. After the release of IE 7 in late 2006 the blog of Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft's General Manager for IE was pretty much dead with no news at all of future updates and releases . Only a post published this month declared that the next version of IE would be called Internet Explorer 8. Infact this is what Chairman Bill Gates had to say when asked about the company's silence over IE.

"I'll have to ask Dean what the hell is going on," he's quoted as saying. "There's not like some deep secret about what we're doing with IE."

The company also says that the browser has already passed the Acid2 test which ensures that the browser works with current webstandards. This would save developers the trouble of writing one version of their websites for Internet Explorer and another version for browsers like Firefox, Opera.

Source InformationWeek

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