Tuesday, December 25, 2007

RRAM - Future Memory

Smaller, Faster, Cheaper. Most techno products we see today are built with these three factors in mind. And RAM(Random Access Memory) is not to be left out. As our next generation of gadgets, chips and other techno products rely on ultra fast transfer speeds electronic designers are cramming more more components onto each chip. So what happens is the width of the smallest feature keeps decreasing from 130nm in 2000 to 45nm now. And possibly 22nm by 2010.....which means we are running out of room. European researchers say that a new technology known as resistive RAM (RRAM) that could soon be replacing flash RAM in USB drives and other portable gadgets. RRAM relies on the ability to alter the electrical resistance of certain materials by applying an external voltage or current. RRAM is non-volatile, and its simple structure is ideal for future generations of CMOS chips.

Source sciencedaily

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