Saturday, December 15, 2007

Online Fraud During Holidays

Online Shoppers Beware!. As Phishers(Scammers) keep getting more sophisticated it is quite difficult to tell the difference between a genuine website and a phoney one. As nearly 20% of all Americans do their shopping online you can expect scam emails to be all over the place. And new this year(in time for the holidays) is a malicious software designed as an e-card. So what happens is the scammer sends an e-card say from 'Dad', the person opens it, trojan pops in and then searches for any info relating to bank accounts and passwords and if succefsul drains out the bank account. And as most shoppers want to get the best bargains while shopping, scammers have latched on to this one as well. The Scammer sends an advertisment on free ipods or gross discounts on laptops; The chump who thinks he has hit the jackpot goes to the scammer's site and makes the payment. The money goes into the scammer's bank account and the product is never delivered. So watch out guys. If it sounds too good to be true, forget about it.(for your own good).

Source Chron

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