Monday, December 10, 2007

Dell To Release Latitude XT Tablet PC

Dell plans to release it's spicy new hottie this week :The Latitude XT. Dell says they have addressed several problems associated with other tablet pc users such as they are too bulky, the screen isn't viewable in direct sun, poor handwriting recognition, and inadequate battery life. Here are it's features. Lap it up

->12.1 inch LED backlit screen
-> Intel Core 2 Solo processor 1.06Ghz or Core 2 Duo 1.2Ghz
->1GB memory
->40GB Hard Disk
->Windows Vista Business Edition or XP Tablet Edition
-> Weighs 3.57 pounds
->Capacitive Touch input(recognises both fingers and pen for inputting data)
-> Battery life 5 hours
-> Price $2500(should have been a bit easy on the pricing)

Source Cnet

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