Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vuzix iWear AV920

Vuzix has announced an updated version of their AV920 called AV920-C. The new feature will let you view just a quadrant of a full screen instead of viewing all four players on the screen while playing multiplayer video games.

The AV920-C’s features include:

* Virtual 62” screen viewed from 9-feet
* Advanced Video Frame Buffers, allowing for up to four 62 inch virtual screens
* iWear 3D Enabled for automatic 2D/3D control as well as field sequential 3D video files
* Twin high-resolution 640×480 (920,000 pixels) LCD displays
* Flicker free 3D video support for most field sequential 3D video files
* 32-degree field of view
* 24-bit true color (16 million colors)
* 60 Hz progressive scan update rate
* Removable, integrated speakers
* AccuTilt™ viewer with 15 degrees of angle
* Console Video Splitter with NTSC, Component & HDMI video in and out.
* Daisy Chain Cable

Price $349.

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emily said...

Looks perfect for gaming!!Bet you'll be you'd be carried away to virtual reality with one of those...Wish it was more affordable though:More cool gadgets at